“In many years to come, when our memories fail, photographs are the only reminder  of those beautiful moments captured that tells your love stories to your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.”


Hi, my name is Da’an, and I’m a visual storyteller.

I started to pickup photography when my wife was expecting our son, Afiq, 15years ago. I wanted to capture every little moments of him growing up so that i could cherish those moments in the later years through beautiful photographs. Soon after, I started taking wedding photography because i love to be a part in documenting your memories.


Why engage two different people for photography and videography when you can engage ONE whom can do both ?



If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine that you can write a novel from a hybrid photo/video of your big day.


With the advancement of digital camera technology, we can now multitask with our cameras and bring you the best of both worlds, i.e. photography and videography.

Here’s what you’ll get :

• Have your memories printed in high quality photobook album and a nice hybrid       photo/video presentation.

Share the hybrid photo/video on social media platforms for the world to see.




Just imagine…

• With hybrid photo/video, you can carry your wedding album in your phone.

• You can store your hybrid photo/video in the cloud and can view them anytime and anywhere in the world.




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Hybrid photo/video that fits in your pocket and always with you.